ADIPENG is an ellipsis for Advancing the Dynamics of ICT Policy Engineering for e-Government. While it is noted that a handful of state governments, business entities and the Federal Government have IT Policies, there is no doubt that these policies need to be taken to the next level for better government service delivery on the e-platform for the people and for effective governance across the government and organisations. It is an opportunity for states, local government and entities without an ICT policy to adapt better practices for a leapfrog experience.

Futuresoft was part of the consultants who worked on the Standards Framework for Nigeria. Our work focused on a volume on open standards. Below is an excerpt of the executive summary of our document.

"The following document provides both conceptual and technical specifications and guidelines on the use of open standards for the Nigerian private and public sectors. These open standards are being used to support the development of more effective and efficient public and private services in many continents today. It is hoped that through vigorous research, adaptation and collaboration the same effects will be realised here in Nigeria.