What's hot in 2011??? 

Everyone keeps talking about online marketing and reaching a larger target demographic using the Internet. 2011 is half way gone and we've analyzed "what's hot in 2011" with regards to global online marketing trends.


Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, RSS, Flickr, Blogs....)
 Make sure your company/business is easily accessible, make sure your social media channels are frequently updated with interesting information, facts and figures that drive traffic to your site and give potential customers an idea about your products and services. 

Search Engine Visibility
What good is a website if noone visits it? Believe it or not alot of your traffic comes from direct searches using one of the available search engines. Analysing your traffic sources and optimizing your meta tag descriptions and keywords helps you gain higher rankings.

Get an SEO Specialist (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) who studies your traffic, rankings and uses SEO tips and tricks to increase your visibility. And if you're one of the big boys, just get paid for rankings :) 

Online Portfolios
Whether you send a sales person to your client or he visits your website or emails you for information, make sure everything your client needs to know about you is at his/her fingertips instantly. Create an online portfolio that is integrated in your website, but can also be emailed to your clients or used in presentation and pitches by your sales team. The world is digital.....

Online Advertising
Advertise on related sites, sites with high numbers of visitors within your target demographic, advertise on Google, Yahoo, Facebook....the list is endless. What you need is to determine which sites your target demographic visits the most. 

Integration of Apps (for iPad, mobile apps etc.)
Do you offer an online service via your website? Create an app for mobile phones and tablets. Most people are constantly on the go and want to use their preferred services using their phones and tablets. Yes it will cost you some, but your customers will be satisfied. 

Interesting & ever changing content
More and more we hear the phrase "Content is King".....it's 2011 now, get on the content band wagon now and make sure your content is refreshingly new, interesting, highly innovative and a must read/view. 

That's H1 of 2011 in review :) 

To sum it up you need to ensure you have amazing and ever changing content that is visible and easily accessible, interesting and innovative! You need a website with easy navigation, an analyzer, targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO), cross platform integration with social media and your apps...

What have you been spending your marketing budget on? The Future is now...

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By Nkemdilim Uwaje