Serious e-learning

Reasons your, not so serious, e-learning project is likely to fail

I have been working on e-learning platforms, amongst other things, for the better part of a decade. This might seem long, but surprisingly e-learning has been around for over 50 years. You would, of course, be forgiven if you hadn't recognised it, as it has gone by various pseudonyms since its early inception in the 1960s. From VLEs to MLEs, LMSs to ILPs, but the underlying principle still remains the same; the use of technology to disseminate content and enhance learning and instruction.

What's hot in 2011??? 

Everyone keeps talking about online marketing and reaching a larger target demographic using the Internet. 2011 is half way gone and we've analyzed "what's hot in 2011" with regards to global online marketing trends.


Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, RSS, Flickr, Blogs....)
 Make sure your company/business is easily accessible, make sure your social media channels are frequently updated with interesting information, facts and figures that drive traffic to your site and give potential customers an idea about your products and services. 

Search Engine Visibility
What good is a website if noone visits it? Believe it or not alot of your traffic comes from direct searches using one of the available search engines. Analysing your traffic sources and optimizing your meta tag descriptions and keywords helps you gain higher rankings.

A cost effective mobile solution to support ICT and Education in Nigeria

Written by Oyehmi. T. Begho BSc (Hons), QTS, MA, MBCS, MCPN

i-Connect Project


Great News: On the 15th of November 2012  the i-Connect Project emerged winners of the first edition of the ‘Etisalat Nigeria Prize for Innovation’ organized

Oyehmi. T. Begho BSc (Hons), QTS, MA, MBCS, MCPN

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E-Learning + Web 2.0 + Mobile technology = E-learning 2.0

Abstract. This article is an epigrammatic look into how new and emerging e-learning technologies can help improve the present, poor acquisition of knowledge and information within educational and business sectors in Nigeria.

We’ll be taking a brief look into the history of e-learning, how the web2.0 phenomena, in particular social networking

I remember sitting at home, one relaxed Sunday afternoon, surfing the Web and watching the progress bar on my browser move ever so slowly. At this point I was wondering to myself, will things ever change? (Not my life - the web page!). In the past, whenever I got really fed up with the slow Internet speed I would change providers. I've moved from MTN to Glo to Etisalat and all the way back again. After a while I realised it was a waste of time. They were nearly all providing a substandard service and didn't really care about my custom anyway (Feel free to take our poll on the right-hand side and see what others think).